Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Cardinal

Cardinal-designate Sean O'Malley has touched down in Rome, having left Boston yesterday afternoon.

As the Southie St. Paddy's Parade steps off following the legendary politicians' breakfast, this morning's Globe features an extensive interview with the man who, after his elevation on Friday, wishes to be known as "Cardinal Sean." The paper notes that O'Malley "appeared to be in far better spirits, and more engaged, than on the day he was named a cardinal, Feb. 22, when he was somber and retiring in a conference call with the news media."

Thank God. I was in on that conference call and he sounded as if he had just gotten beaten up.

The paper's put the entire transcript of the interview on the web. Most interesting exchange:
Q: I'm curious whether, if you did disagree with the Vatican's position on [adoptions by same-sex couples], is there any way for you to express that, either to Rome or to the public? Or is it simply not possible for a bishop to disagree on matters like this with teachings from Rome?

A: Well, I think this is a very clear teaching. And it's not one that would admit of dissent in the church.

I could parse those two sentences from here to Brighton.

The cardinal-designate also signaled quite vigorous opposition to immigration reform legislation currently pending in Washington. "We can not deport 11 million people," he said, "and it is outrageous to expect that the church or private organizations are going to act as some sort of vigilantes to identify undocumented workers. I mean, it's just not going to happen."

All of it makes for a good read. Worth your time.