Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vespers, Restored

From our friends down in the antipodes, we have this good news: the practice of regular Vespers is returning to Sydney Cathedral.
[Auxiliary] Bishop Julian Porteous is encouraging people to attend the prayer, to be conducted every third Sunday of the month during the seminary year. The students will chant in choir during the solemn celebration led by Cardinal George Pell, who will then celebrate the 6:00 pm Mass.

"A bishop, deacon, priests and lay people will also participate in the half-hour of Vespers which will take place from 5.30–6:00 pm," Bishop Porteous said.

"The whole thing is fully sung and we have a little book of musical annotations available so people can follow the music."

Vespers are held every week at the seminary, but Bishop Porteous said having the liturgy at the cathedral was "a chance for people to witness the Vespers and also see our new seminarians".
The divine office is a wonderful thing.... I wonder how many laypeople (especially of our readership) use it? How about in the parishes? At least during Lent? Weekly in the cathedral?

If I could sketch up a wish-list of things I'd love to see, the wide-scale return of the office in common -- beyond seminaries and religious communities, that is -- would be #1 on it.

But my head's in the clouds anyways, so....