Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Winter Campaign Winds Down

You know, there's a big place to the north of the US called Canada. Regrettably, not many Americans remember that it's there all that often.

After the House of Commons returned a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Liberal party's minority government in November, Canada was thrust into its first winter general election campaign since 1980. (No, Yanks, the country doesn't have a president -- they do have a hot governor-general, however.... And, no, they don't vote every fourth year on a Tuesday in November.)

The campaign is in its last week ahead of next Monday's vote. Reports from friends and the Canadian press indicate that Stephen Harper's Conservatives are heading for victory -- they're up double-digits in the latest polls.

You can find news sources to look at the campaign and the issues. Just thought everyone could use the reminder.