Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ain't Love Grand?

So the Pope came down the other day against the Pacs legislation in Italy, which would legalize civil partnerships for gays and lesbians.

In response, Rome's LGBT decided to have a love-in. So did the Milan gay community. And the papal "no" was sprawled all over the national front pages; you would've thought it was something new....
“Marriage and the family are not a random sociological construction, the outcome of particular historic and economic settings. On the contrary, the proper kind of relationship between a man and a woman digs its roots in the deepest essence of the human being and can find its response only when emanating from there”. Marriage as an institution is therefore not “an undeserved interference of society or of the authorities, the imposition of a model from outside, rather it is an intrinsic need of the pact of conjugal love.” And neither is a fact of Catholic morality, “but of elementary truth which regards our human community: respecting it is essential for the good of people and of society. They therefore also seek out your responsibilities as public administrators and your competencies as regards the law in a twofold manner. On the one hand, all those provisions which could be of support to young couples forming a family are opportune, as are those targeting the family itself in the generation and education of children: in this regard, problems like the cost of accommodation, of nurseries, of kindergartens for the youngest children come to mind. On the other hand, it is a serious mistake to obscure the value and functions of the legitimate family founded in matrimony, attributing legal recognition to other forms of improper unions for which, in reality, there is no true social need”.

RU486 was also on the agenda.

“The safeguarding of fledging human life calls for the same attention and commitment,” continued the Pope. “Care must be taken to ensure that concrete aid for pregnant women in difficult conditions is not lacking, and to avoid the use of drugs, that in some way or other cover up the seriousness of abortion, as an anti-life choice.”

Curiously, in the address to politicians from the Regione Lazio, which includes the capital, the Pope also addressed issues of health care, with a special note about the importance of investing in mental health efforts.
For the Pope "in a society progressively growing older, assistance to the elderly and all the complex issues regarding public health are becoming more and more important. It is necessary to make sure concrete aid measures for pregnant women in difficulties are established. I would like to encourage you in your efforts and to underline that, in the health sector, the continuous scientific and technological developments, as well as the commitment to cost reduction should be promoted always keeping in mind the ill person's central role". He continued: "In a society steadily growing older assistance to the elderly and all the complex issues regarding public health are becoming more and more important". According to Benedict XVI "particular attention should be paid to the many cases of mental suffering and illnesses, in order not to leave families, which often find themselves facing highly difficult situations, without adequate aid".
Of course, as it's not as "sexy" (journalistically speaking) as rejecting gay marriage, others would feel free to dispense with that portion of his remarks, but it is definitely worth noting.