Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Father's Prayer

I received an incredibly moving e.mail earlier today from my buddy Chris -- an erstwhile Philadelphian now carrying the work forward in Texas. In a word, Chris is the kind of layman who makes this church great. (For the curious, he's Anglican Use. They've got rose tunicles for the subdeacons this weekend, and they're not afraid to use 'em.)

Chris and his wife, Laura, have been eagerly anticipating the birth of twins these last few months.... In the mystery of God's plans, their expectation took an unexpected turn. As he tells it:
On November 23 Laura went into a sudden and unexpected labor. She delivered Benedict Aloysius, who later died, before being brought to a hospital where Basil Bredon was born by emergency c-section. Basil is currently in NICU. Laura is recovering.

I'm in the process of planning a funeral for Benedict, whom I was able to baptize mere moments before he departed this vale of tears. It is a great comfort to me that he fell asleep in Christ. I was able to baptize Basil as well, and he has been improving since, although we still don't know when, or if, we may bring him home.

Our 2-and a half year old is taking all of the trauma and commotion well. And our little parish has just been everything a parish ought to be.

I ask for your prayers. I'm back at work these days, as the bills must be paid. I have never appreciated the depth and richness of the Faith as I have these last days. I have also never been so thankful as in these last days to live in the early 21st century. Basil's chances of survival would have been far lower even five years ago.
If everyone could please keep Chris, Laura and young Basil in your prayers, it would mean the world.... Their faith and serenity in this moment is inspiring beyond words. May it be an example for us all.