Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Pick a Card?

OK, I need to ask anyone who's got an educated opinion to fill me in and lend me a hand here....

So I'm trying to pick out my Christmas cards. Now, just so you know, this is a big deal in Rockworld -- I usually send out in excess of 100 a year (on top of 70 or so to family; remember, I'm Italian), and they're sometimes the only substantive contact I have with a number of people who, though being on the periphery of my life, still mean enough that they remain on The List.

But this year, I'm at a bit of a loss....

Hyper-aesthete that I am, I usually get my cards from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, but this year the selection is just.. blah, and I like my cards to jump off the page. If they're the only contact I have with some people, with heartfelt best wishes at the most wonderful time of the year, written under the tree as I blast reggae Christmas carols and Nat King Cole, they've gotta be good, right?

So, deprived of good choices from the beloved Met -- which has supplied my cards for the last decade -- I need to find a new card shop. And if I could help out a worthy cause, as a lot of charities raise money in the selling of Christmas cards, then it'd be a double thrill.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Anyone? Please drop me a line; my reputation for quality Christmas evangelism rides on it..... Many thanks in advance.