Thursday, November 17, 2005

King Kung

Everywhere he goes these days, it seems Hans Kung brings the orbit of the progressive wing of Catholicism with him. And so, as it hasn't shown up in this town in ages (because The Culture has exiled it), Planet Prog comes to Philadelphia as tonight the Pope's vaunted dinner guest (four hours, dinner and a Hail Mary in the garden to be precise, if anyone needed reminding) addresses a sold-out audience at Temple University in a benefit for the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, headed by Fr Hans' old friend Len Swidler, a professor of religion and Catholic thought at Temple. And then he's off to Phoenix.

But I will be there, engaging in a welcome dialogue with the left flank, who (if anyone needed reminding) are more Catholic than the SSPX -- because they haven't been excommunicated due to schism -- and just as Catholic as all these legalistic rightward ones who think the church their plaything and only theirs.

This should be interesting.... I'm keen to find out about Papa Ratzi as Young Turk. And I'll tell Fr Hans you all said hi and sent best wishes.