Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"My Life is Brilliant"

OK, so I've been bad. Despite having next to no money, the iTunes beast -- which is as devoursome as that red thing that ate Cardinal Pell in Dusseldorf -- has gotten to me.

But fear not, I'm only dabbling. It goes a long way toward my sanity.

As everyone saw the other day with my Top Ten list, I veer to the singer-songwritery mould of things. So, thanks to the satellite, I found this guy named James Blunt, who's extremely emotional and romantic for a straight male (something to which I can relate). He was, as it turns out, a guardsman in the British Army who did ceremonial duty. On his discharge, he went to LA, got high, and wrote a beautiful album. I'll probably have to pay my tributes when he comes to Philly on All Saints Day. I wonder if Blunt has an ethereal ginger celloist... But that's another story altogether.

And then there is the figure of Antony Hegerty, the voice behind Antony and the Johnsons. My goodness.

When I heard his "For Today I Am a Boy" a couple weeks back on XPN, I thought to myself, "This is perfect for seminary admissions." Yes, I really thought that -- you can find the lyrics out there yourself. And "Hope There's Someone" will just bring tears to your eyes.

But his voice is just so soulful, it's really amazing. Hegerty fancies himself a male Nina Simone -- no small feat, that is, and the results are just stunning.

I like it when my secular music has liturgical cadences. None less than Rufus Wainwright, after all, opened his latest album with an arrangement of the Agnus Dei. What I wouldn't give to see it performed at a parish liturgy. Well, a Catholic one -- the Episcopalians have probably been doing it already for months.



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