Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lapses of Discernment

Buona domenica a tutti!

Word's been making its way around about frantic reports of a "possible intruder" at a certain Roman college on Tuesday night.

How horribly mistaken they were.



Blogger Fungulo said...

Hear that man preach!

16/10/05 21:48  
Blogger Jeff said...

Eh? Watsdis?


I was going to say that this is off topic, but...who knows what the topic is?

Anyway, an interesting acknowledgment on a favorite topic from Rocco's bĂȘte noire, Diogenes:

"If the real reasons for the staggering episcopal tolerance of crimes (sexual and other) were discovered and acknowledged, perhaps...four out of five "conservative" prelates would go up in sulphur-scented smoke. A high price to pay? Sure. But if it bought us a straight-talking hierarchy, I'd be delighted to have the chance to pay it."

16/10/05 23:39  
Blogger Father Martin Fox said...

I don't know what the topic is, so how can this comment be off-topic either?

I know Papabile posts comments here, so here's a shout-out to him:

Bring back your blog, please!

17/10/05 10:00  

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