Monday, October 17, 2005

Waiting on #1

OK, thought this'd be a fun groupthink exercise.

When I'm not listening to my sumptuous satellite radio -- God's gift to the picky media-type -- I usually keep my radio tuned to the Great 88.5 WXPN in Philadelphia. XPN is the ultimate radio station, a Penntity (i.e. it operates under the aegis of the University of Pennsylvania) that boasts an eclectic, open-minded educated style, so it's a magnet for the Ivy League, yuppie, intelligentsia types... one of which is your humble writer, in case you haven't already noticed.

But to mark their first anniversary at their new facility, XPN is hosting a countdown of the 885 Greatest Albums of All Time, as judged by their listenership. Right now, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (#2) is blaring over my speakers.

This is the Top 10 to this point....

# 10 – THE BEATLES – Rubber Soul
# 9 – THE BEATLES – Revolver
# 8 – THE CLASH – London Calling
# 7 – U2 – The Joshua Tree
# 6 – THE BEATLES – The Beatles (White Album)
# 5 – BOB DYLAN – Blood On The Tracks
# 3 – PINK FLOYD – Dark Side Of The Moon
# 2 – THE BEATLES – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

I'll post my Top 10 in the combox below. But what are yours?



Blogger Rocco Palmo said...

Rock's Top Ten Albums of All Time

10 (tie). John Mayer -- Inside Wants Out/Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals -- Welcome to the Cruel World
9. Fiona Apple -- Tidal
8. Rufus Wainwright -- Want One
7. David Gray -- A Century Ends
6. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds -- Live at Luther College
5. Sarah McLachlan -- Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
4. U2 -- The Joshua Tree
3. Counting Crows -- August and Everything After
2. Jeff Buckley -- Grace
1. Damien Rice -- O

OK, so that's 11. So sue me.

17/10/05 17:53  
Blogger Rocco Palmo said...

Well, those XPN people really do love the Beatles -- "Abbey Road" was just announced at #1.

17/10/05 18:08  
Blogger John Hearn said...

What! No "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?" What a bourgeois soul you have Rock! ;O)

17/10/05 18:27  
Blogger Deo volente said...

# 3 - THE BEATLES - Abbey Road
# 2 – THE BEATLES – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
# 1 – PINK FLOYD – Dark Side Of The Moon

My top three.

17/10/05 19:44  
Blogger justplaincath said...

No Elvis?

No Tapestry by Carole King?

What are they thinking?

17/10/05 21:51  
Blogger Jeff said...

Greatest albums of all time, hmm?

And all I've even heard OF (not heard) from Rocco's list are U2 (oh, yeah? not me!) and Dave Matthews.

I remember years ago when my older son was attempting to fix my broken turntable. After fooling around with a record for a while he said, "Oh, I get it; this is like a giant two-sided CD."

Sigh...well, I guess it's a good thing I can type on this computer screen at least. Yessirree, I hardly ever use the old stylus and clay tablet anymore at all.

18/10/05 00:01  
Blogger Dom Dominic said...

10. Chant (C'mon! I had to. I grew up hearing Ray Repp, The Damiens and St Louis Jesuits at Mass)
9. Pump: Areosmith
8. Get a Grip Areosmith
7. Book of Secrets: Loreena McKennitt
6. Dozin' At The Knick: Grateful Dead
5. Abbey Road
4. Sgt Pepper's ...
3. Graceland: Paul Simon
2. Amadeus Soundtrack (that counts right?)
1. All works by Barry Manilow

18/10/05 00:26  
Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

What, no

Lester Lannin
Ray Conniff
Gene Autry
Roy Rogers
Lonnie Donegan
Bessie Smith

............ ???

18/10/05 01:36  
Blogger Tim said...

What a lukewarm list! Where's the fire in the belly music of early Elvis Costello, Black Flag, The Sex Pistols? Rock music isn't dead, it's just sucking air! Give me Wagner, Bach and Mozart anymore. Or a sung Mass from these guys.

18/10/05 09:49  
Blogger Todd said...

For just the post-classic rock era:

So, Peter Gabriel
Synchronicity, Police
Evanescence (possibly a guilty pleasure here)
Don't Try This At Home, Michael Brecker (seems like there should be more jazz on my list, but my favorites are all 30-plus years old)
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, McLachlan
The Sensual World, Kate Bush
The Prayer Cycle, Elias
Uncommon Ritual, Meyer
Divine Discontent, Sixpence
Graceland, Paul Simon

18/10/05 12:00  
Blogger Dom Dominic said...


Thanks for that reminder! The Police's Syncronicity would make my list in a "do over".

Tim, Certainly if Bach or Chopin had ever recorded an album, they would make my list as well.

18/10/05 14:23  
Blogger Ambrose said...

I just noticed the XPN list includes NO CHRIS ISAAC. What is up with that?

19/10/05 01:33  
Blogger Brigid said...

[My first post here. Been lurking for a while...]

Finally had to comment with Rice as #1 and Buckley as #2. What are you trying to tell us?

Many of the above but please add:

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
(one of the best Live albums)

Aretha Franklin Amazing Grace
(another great live album)

Sarah Vaughan w/Clifford Brown

[Rocco, you could make some $$ if you set yourself up as an Amazon affiliate and encouraged us to BUY these albums. It's one of the reasons so many bloggers do these lists.]

19/10/05 13:26  

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