Thursday, August 11, 2005

On the Radio

For the benefit of those in far-flung markets, they're talking about L'Affaire Clark on Stern:

Howard: This guy... looks like every bad coach you had in high school, and he's running around with the hottest housewife on the planet; she's got the hot pants on, they're all over the Hamptons and everything. And he's seventy-nine years old! He's no gay.

Artie Lang: Yeah, he knows what he's doing.

Howard: What a hot little nympho, she's running around with a 79 year-old monsignor... I hope it works out for them; I love hypocrisy.... The church should be proud of a guy who does chicks.

They've been talking about it all morning. Between this and the Today show, here we go again.



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