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On the throne of the martyr-bishop Stanislaw, the throne of Sapieha, and of Wojtyla....
Pope Benedict XVI... described him as "the best person to hold this position" in a papal bull read out by Rev. Jan Zajac during a ceremony in Wawel Castle cathedral.

"By now, the faithful have come to know your responsibility and dedication and I am sure they will be obedient to you," the bull said.
And, guess what, he's got the people in the palm of his hand:
Dziwisz blessed the crowds as he walked through the city, smiling as he repeatedly made the sign of the cross. Tens of thousands of people who lined the streets under the scorching sun responded with applause and shouts of "Bravo!"
Because Krakow is the ancient seat of the kings of Poland -- its Cathedral is at Wawel Castle, the old royal headquarters -- the investiture of its archbishops is an occasion of added ritual over what we usually see. In these photos, you can see under the pallium, Dziwisz is wearing another around-the-shoulder wrap. It's the pendant, the ancient collar of the archbishops of Krakow, which the holders of the office have worn in a continuous line since the 1500s.

Over the years, Dziwisz grew into an important figure at the Vatican, where he was known simply as Don Stanislaw. His role as John Paul's gatekeeper developed as the pontiff's health worsened in the last years.

But to John Paul, he was simply "Stasiu," an affectionate nickname that revealed the closeness of the two men.

And the word's already going 'round that Stasiu wants to bring Wujek home.

PHOTOS: AP/Alik Keplicz



Blogger Rex said...


27/8/05 14:59  
Blogger pazdziernik said...

"Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years ..."

-Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J)

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Blogger Rex said...

By the way, the one you call as "pendant" is more properly known as RATIONALE as discussed by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II on pages 39-40 of RISE, LET US BE ON OUR WAY.

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