Monday, August 29, 2005

The Big Meeting

First off, Tom Reese (who, contrary to popular belief, is not an excommunicated schismatic) speaks from exile to the AP:
The Rev. Thomas Reese, former editor of the Jesuit magazine America, said the Vatican had "bent over backwards" in the past to try to reach out to the society, and that Benedict was likely to continue the policy since he helped form it as a cardinal.

"The problem is that these concessions have not been enough for the schismatics," Reese said in an e-mail. "They want the rest of the church to follow them in rejecting Vatican II, which they consider illegitimate."
That's right, but we digress....

Today's Bollettino of the Press Office of the Holy See did not list an audience with Bernard Fellay, even though Joaquin Navarro-Valls issued a statement about it at its close. This emphasizes the personal nature of the meeting and it wasn't one of the official engagements of the Pope's day with bishops, heads of state and others. And Fellay was strictly referred to as "Mons. Bernard Fellay" -- Eccellenza and/or Vescovo were nowhere to be found.

For more, check Papabile -- this is his story.



Blogger Jason C. said...

"the schismatics"???

How ecumenical.

29/8/05 17:04  
Blogger Der Tommissar said...

Of course, I'm betting the rest of Father Reese's quote was as follows:

"The Lefebvrist schismatics, who have no love for the Church...hey, what? What's so funny? Seriously, why's everyone laughing? Guys, hold it down, I'm doing a phone interview here? What? WHAT"

29/8/05 17:36  
Blogger the Savage said...

Most SSPX communication refers to Bishop Fellay as Mgr. Fellay. He is most clearly a bishop, and Rome has never denied that. Furthermore, some of the press discretion was undoubtedly because of the desire of Fellay to keep things calm internally among their hard liners. The train is leaving the station, Rocco. This will be wrapped up with a universal indult ribbon and an Apostolic Administration bow in time for the Synod.

29/8/05 20:17  

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