Friday, June 10, 2005

Moving Marini?

One of the long-favored games cons play is heating up. They might just start loving B16 again. For now.

For years, the banshees of the right have desired punishment for Piero Marini, the master of papal liturgical celebrations. Not enough Latin and lace, too many Oceanian women, they say. They've used every Roman reshuffle as entre' to speculate how far out of town they'd want Marini moved, their dream scenario being a repeat of Bugnini's exile to Teheran.

Well, the uber-MC might just be going. So says Sandro Magister.

Personally, given Benedict's preference for technocrats as opposed to bureaucrats, I'd love to see Marini -- who, I'm told, is one of the most charming people ever created -- become a big dog at Divine Worship. God knows we could use an expert there. And, whatever one's feeling about the content and substance of the mega-liturgies of the past seventeen years, the man is a frickin' genius at the liturgy.

We'll see what happens....



Blogger Cheeky Lawyer said...

Again, I think your posts would be much better if they didn't begin with such sophomoric attacks on the "cons." But is Marini really a genius on liturgy? Isn't that one of the open questions raised by the liturgies he has helped stage/create/put together in these last years? I don't hold the grudge that some do against him but certainly legitimate criticisms can be raised without being subject to the sneering that your posts take.

13/6/05 11:11  

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