Sunday, June 19, 2005

Everybody Loves Raymond

Like it or not, snowflakes, Ray Burke is the topic of conversation in PopeWorld these days. Speculation of all kinds, JamieBomber profiles, "he said, he said" nonsense.... it's a festival of gossip!

I got more than a little heat about my Friday night report that the Caped Crusader/Gloved One of St. Louis has told friends he's headed to DC. Imagine: more "oh no, oh no" venom from the same people who invented the buzz that Archbishop Chaput's transfer to the capital was inevitable in the hope that they could create the momentum to make it happen.

How civilized....

For the millionth time, people, don't shoot the messenger. I don't report speculation on the basis of whether I like it or don't -- that's unethical, biased and just grossly unprofessional. I base what I run on the reports I get from on-the-ground in Rome and elsewhere, trying to discern the credible from that which exists just to fill a vacuum of truth. If it's the spreading word on the Borgo, it goes here. If it's partisan ambitions masquerading as valid speculation, it doesn't.

Lastly, everyone deluded enough to think that appointments just drop out of the sky catching bishops unawares would be wise to remember a story from Burke's recent past.

In August, 2003, before Justin Rigali even left St. Louis, the Pharaoh-elect had Burke over for dinner at the residence Burke would move into six months later. The then-Bishop of LaCrosse was welcomed to the house by a well-connected cleric who greeted "the archbishop-elect of St. Louis."

That was four months before Burke actually was named there.



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