Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Greetings from Milingo Central

Hey and hi there from the Nation's Capital, on a brief break from my search through these damn circuitous streets for Imani Temple....

Just kidding; I actually am in Washington, but not really looking for Milingo. After having spent a good part of my weekend exile from cyberspace watching Wedding Crashers in a loop, I wouldn't mind crashing into Rachel McAdams at some point, though.

With prayer all things are possible, right? (She's actually Canadian, so chances are slim in any case.)

Anyways, a new publication has popped up out there. It's not really a new publication, per se, but the resurrection of The Catholic World -- the famed and storied journal of the Paulist Fathers, which folded a decade ago and has now reincarnated itself online. (As many of you know, the Paulists also are the community behind Busted Halo, for which I write a fortnightly column, the next of which runs Friday.)

There's a bunch of good stuff in the World's inaugural issue, with a special note of a contribution from this town's resident cardinale laico, Michael Sean Winters, who returns to the Weigel-Ted brawl some of you may remember from the hot-as-all-get-out end of July.

Looking forward to a fun time here in Sambiville (peace be upon him) these next few days. It's been a chaotic couple weeks, so please forgive all the many e.mails and various other kindnesses to which I haven't yet replied, and hope to as best I can. To everyone who's been so good as to keep me looped in, paid up, and richly blessed by your gifts of patience, support and encouragement, all thanks. If I knew I'd be this insufficient to the task, I would've had second thoughts. But thanks for helping me along in the feeble attempt.

And now, off to the ra -- er, sources.