Friday, December 09, 2005

Williamson: We Are The Church

In the latest dispatch from the "Non serviam" desk, here are some snips from the monthly "Thoughts" of the schismatic Richard Williamson, of the Society of St. Pius X. (It's been e.mailed, no link.)
What the SSPX is accomplishing by resisting conciliar "Rome", as it has done now for 30 years, is the defense of the Catholic Faith of all time, and the keeping alive of the seven sacraments as our Lord instituted them. On the contrary the followers of Vatican II, with the Roman prelates at their head, have done all they can to abolish the Tridentine Mass and the eternal priesthood, and had it depended on them, this rite of Mass and priesthood would have disappeared. A certain number of bishops and a large number of priests outside the SSPX are the first to recognize that without the SSPX, this Mass and priesthood were finished. Yet some of these bishops and priests blame the SSPX for not submitting to "Rome". They blame the tree while enjoying its fruits! ...

Thus we come to the second part of our question: if the SSPX were to be reconciled with conciliar "Rome", could it sustain this great work of keeping the Faith? By way of answer, is it not clear that to be reconciled with conciliar "Rome", it would have to accept the Council and the New Mass? This "Rome" insists on both, and where it grants the Tridentine Mass, it never fails to insist on the Council, because the Council of 1962-1965 led to the New Mass of 1969, and will always lead back to it. This "Rome" will never give up that Council which makes it what it is. Now, would not the sweetest of reconciliations, by its very sweetness, prevent the SSPX from savaging the Council as it needs to be savaged, if the Church is to survive? ...

And is it not clear that to end its present alienation from the authorities of "Rome", the SSPX would have to submit to them? And if the SSPX were to submit to the promoters of the new religion, how could it stay with the old? And if the SSPX were to abandon the old religion, what other wouldwide organization would there be to keep it going?
So soon they forget that even Trent -- whose decrees, of course, were promulgated by Jesus, Himself -- was new once. As was noted in a piece last week, even Lefevbre himself voted for Sacrosanctum Concilium.