Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rifan's Ragtime Band

Continuing on his American tour, Licit Trad #1 (i.e. a guy we actually can do business with) showed some liturgical flair in Providence:
And on Saturday morning, [Bishop Fernando Rifan of Campos] treated Mass attendees with his musical playing ability by slipping down from his chair near the altar to play the organ during the communion of the faithful, as well as for the recessional -- to the delight of those assisting at Holy Mass.
I'm told that Rifan -- a reformed SSPXer who was able to shirk the Econian brainwash and got a super-sweet deal from Rome in what JP (rightfully) considered a sizable accomplishment in Traditionalist dialogue -- "gets it from both sides," as one correspondent put it.

"The Rad Trads trash him because he dared to appear with non-Trad Brazilian Bishops at a NEW MASS (gasp!) and even seemed to be saying some WORDS at the Consecration! (Scandal! Shock!). So, as far as the SSPXers are concerned, he might as well just admit he's an Apostate and a Devil Worshipper...."

Good God, with haters like those, how can you not feel for the man? If only he'd pay us a visit here in Philly... Then again, our Trid community isn't all that big.