Monday, December 19, 2005

Pell Watch

One of our Roving Correspondents, on the ground in Sydney, sends this bit of feed:
The 'terna' has gone out for Pell's new auxiliary. The smart money is on John Flader - do a google search for flader opus dei

Yes, that's right - he is Opus Dei.

And if you do that search, you'll find these comments given in an interview to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

FATHER JOHN FLADER: If Australians are confronted by bodily mortification, they only have to go to a fitness centre and see people sweating and puffing and punishing their bodies for the sake of noble goals of fitness, health, beauty. When Opus Dei comes to buy a cilius or a discipline, you won't find them in David Jones or Woolworths. You have to buy them somewhere. We don't make them, there's no factory of these things that I'm aware of in Opus Dei. You guess them from, I guess, religious orders in other parts of the world where they are used.

[ABC Reporter] SUZANNE SMITH: Where do you buy them from?

FATHER JOHN FLADER: Well, I get one from the director, in fact the one I've been using I've been using all my life. It's lasted.

John Allen, call your office.