Friday, October 07, 2005

Whatever It Takes

So Donald Wuerl performed the ordination of the transitional deacons yesterday at the North American College, and I'm told that, per usual, it was luscious.

21 men were ordained, and Wuerl reminded them that, under his chasuble, he wore the dalmatic, to remind himself and all that, even as a bishop, he remains a deacon whose presence is one of service.

A source called with this and more in a late-night phone call.... I picked up the phone to hear a "woosh"-ing noise in the background, and kept asking "Hello? Hello?"

He then said, "That sound is the Trevi Fountain. Your coins just went in."

Indeed, I am blessed. And how I miss the place.



Blogger Barry Manilow said...

Whatever it takes, huh?

One hears that when the Prince Bishop of Pittsburg is in residence in Urbe it takes special mineral water, a specific brand of chocolates, fresh-cut flowers . . .

Hey, this service stuff ain't no walk in the park. boyos, and no sail on the Sea of Galilee! "The workman is worthy of his perks . . . " or words to that effect.

7/10/05 14:15  

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