Friday, October 07, 2005

From the Loggia Inbox

A reader sends along this enjoyable note....
Being inside the DC beltway I am unfortunately attune to political talk radio. What I've noticed from your blog responders/reactors and elsewhere is the eerie correspondence between the topics for conservative talk radio on a given day and what is written on the web.

Case in point...Laura Ingram has been making justice Souter comparisons for the last two days and her comparisons are carried by CWN:
"Pope Benedict XVI is not turning anything like the way I had hoped. Abuses continue unabated. He does nothing on Card. Mahony or on pro-aborts receiving. I trust to God he is not a theological Souter!"
It seems to appear only on the right of the spectrum from what I can tell.
Too coincidental to be a coincidence, you say?

Well, most of the Right-ward sheepherd can't think for themselves to begin with. That's why it's always so funny to see them scream "WE'VE BEEN HAD!" when a nuanced or intelligent (i.e. not strictly pie-in-the-sky doctrinaire) policy decision has been announced. For these cats, the Catholic faith is just another political battleground to be dominated at all costs -- hence the Golden (Conservative) Calf, which always trumps Jesus because, well, the Calf is more adorned.

As if you couldn't tell already, they're at it again right now. And anyone who dares call Joseph Ratzinger a "theological Souter" is officially off-the-reservation.



Blogger Jimmy Mac said...

Congratulations on becoming a 1K blogmaster!

I'll bet at least 90% of the hits were meant to be "hits" and not kisses, too.

7/10/05 17:11  
Blogger ajesquire said...

I enjoy your writing Rocco.

Between Miers and the new policy (if as reported by Allen) keep an eye on the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman for jumpers!

7/10/05 18:51  
Blogger Richard said...

Hello Rocco,

"And anyone who dares call Joseph Ratzinger a "theological Souter" is officially off-the-reservation." Hard to argue with that.

Not least because one can't have buyer's remorse if one never did the buying, so to speak.

Those who have followed the Holy Father's career and character aren't surprised so much. I never expected a Night of the Long Knives. More likely: a year (or ten) of the nail files.

best regards

11/10/05 17:25  

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