Monday, September 26, 2005

More Kung

John Allen has posted a story on the B16-Kung Summit, which he calls a "dramatic gesture of reconciliation."

In the release announcing the meeting from Joaquin Navarro-Valls, the most noteworthy phrase is this:
"Both parties agreed that, in the space of this meeting, it made no sense to enter into an argument about the doctrinal questions remaining between Hans Kung and the magisterium of the church."
Wow. You can't even talk to a conservative blogger these days without being called on the carpet for perceived doctrinal lapses. But here's the Pope in an hours-long confab with Hans Kung, and doctrine is kept off the table by the agreement of both sides -- again, one of whom was the Pope.

Has Ratzi gone heterodox, or is he just a good Christian committed to dialogue? Methinks the latter, and it's a needed example for these baby-hammers of heresy out here in St. Blog's.

Also from the Progressives in Faithful Communion (Yes, They Do Exist) Desk, before receiving Kung on Saturday night, that morning brought the second audience between B16 and Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the Jesuit archbishop-emeritus of Milan.

Neither were asked to make a profession of faith, neither were excommunicated. It was just another experience of one big happy family -- a family the crunchy, angry, heterodox Cyber-Magisterium would love to split in two.



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