Friday, September 09, 2005

From the Catholic-Muslim Desk

Well, things are really rockin' down at CUA Law.... First, they host an acclaimed lecture by Michael Steele, the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (an Augustinian seminarian, once upon a time -- tell B16 that and he'll melt) and now, this coming Tuesday, a lecture by King Abdullah of Jordan on "Traditional Islam: The Path to Peace." Invite-only, heavy security, the whole thing had to be cleared with WH and State.

I'm told that, from Washington, Abdullah is off to Rome to meet with Benedict XVI and, ostensibly, Sodano. Unlike the Spaniards, the King of Jordan actually has power. Seems he's using it wisely....



Blogger Jacob said...

Depends on how you define that power...

The guy walks an economic and religious tightrobe.

9/9/05 14:29  
Blogger Dymphna said...

Power? I don't know. Abdullah's main concern is staying alive and keeping his little kingdom intact.

11/9/05 12:43  

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