Friday, September 30, 2005

Episcopal "Spine," Moderated

OK, so Robert "It's Bishop" McManus didn't commandeer a pulpit last weekend to put anyone out of place.... Don't scream at me, this is what his people are saying today.
The Diocese of Worcester's communications director, Raymond Delisle, said the focus of the bishop's homily was not to denounce the pastors for not supporting a Church-backed signature drive to end gay marriage in Massachusetts, but to present the Church's perspective and teachings on marriage.
"What he was trying to do was to make parishioners aware of what the church is presenting and why it is important," said Delisle.
McManus celebrated two Masses after the Rev. George Lange and his associate pastor, the Rev. Stephen Labaire, printed a short item in a recent church bulletin disagreeing with Roman Catholic bishops who support an amendment to the state Constitution that would define marriage as between a man and a woman only....

Delisle added that parishioners with different viewpoints on the gay marriage issue can often interpret the same message in different ways.
In a letter to parishioners on Sept. 26, McManus wrote: "Earlier this month, I wrote to all pastors and priests in our parishes, asking them to support enthusiastically this pastoral effort to safeguard traditional marriage between one man and one woman by implementing a signature drive in their parishes."
Lange and Labaire, however, did not embrace the drive. In the Sept. 11 church bulletin, they wrote: "The priests of this parish do not feel that they can support this amendment. They do not see any value to it and they see it as an attack upon certain people in our parish, namely those who are gay."
While these comments drew the attention of McManus, Lange's bulletin message also noted the bishops were looking for help in the signature collection drive.
So, what to make of this?



Blogger Ben said...

This is just a good example of how bad off some of our parishes are. I am not sure how these men get ordained and why they are allowed to poison the parishes. Why do these people even want to be Catholic. They are told that the Church is a democracy and by there "vote" things will change. They are encouraged to dissent. What a mess to clean up! Vatican II was meant to bring the Modern world in line with the Truth (The Church, Jesus Christ, ect). The liberals want the Church to become in line with the modern world. These last 50 years or so in the Church have been very sad. I personally believe they are a cleansing and maybe from God's point of view we needed them. But they are still sad and our Church seems to be slowly recovering but hard work is ahead. In the end the Church will be holier and our doctrines and traditions will be embraced with love and devotion. Until them alot has to be cleaned up and the people will be purged(if they continue in the Church).

30/9/05 16:36  

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