Saturday, September 10, 2005

Culture of Life?

The cartoon speaks for itself.... Tip to Jim the Ichiban.



Blogger Jason Cardona said...

Well, the two aren't exactly analogous. One involved the MURDER of ONE woman, sanctioned by the government. The other involved a NATURAL disaster affecting THOUSANDS.

10/9/05 22:05  
Blogger Unanimous Consent said...


try recalling 435 members from across the country in one day. That's not the way it happened with Schiavo. It took a hell of a lot longer than one day. The cartoon is fundamentally misleading.

Yes, the hurricane hit Monday the 29th. FEMA began expending $$$ in a real way on Tuesday the 30th. Budget calculations were made by the 31st, the Administration sent down the first formal request on the 1st, and The House (and I believe the Senate) met on the 2nd to pass a 10.5 billion $$$ Supplemental under Unanimous Consent.

Note: This timeline is approximately the exact Congressional timeline that always occurs in a major catastrophe.

With Schiavo, Members of Congress had been warned well in advance of the possible need for a special session.

11/9/05 00:08  
Blogger Julie said...

Sorry, Rocco. No comparison there.

11/9/05 12:06  

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