Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From the World, "Respect and Gratitude"

Yet again given the significance of the moment, here's the front page of tomorrow's edition of the Vatican daily, L'Osservatore Romano.

Reflecting the subhed which reads that "In their reactions to the announcement of his resignation of the papacy, the respect and recognition of the world's leaders for the work of Benedict XVI" – this day after's lead piece was capped by the tribute of no Italian, nor even a Catholic, but the Israeli President (and former prime minister) Shimon Peres, who memorably fed Papa Ratzinger in public during his 2009 trip to the Holy Land.

"Benedict XVI has the depth of a great thinker, the sincerity of a great believer, the passion of a man of peace and the wisdom of one who knows to take count of the changes of history without changing his values."

The piece's third graf likewise included yesterday's statement from President Obama, who "warmly" recalled his 2009 meeting with the pontiff and praised the "critical role" the church plays in American life.