Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Comfort Ye, My People...."

Much as the shop was planning to have something duly Gaudete-ous up and out for this Third Sunday of Advent, needless to say, gang, not now.

Before all else, church, our task instead is to carry the many broken hearts among us as our own – above all, wherever we are, to pray right alongside them and, wherever possible, to do what we can to help them (and whatever the reason, any others we find) with everything that's in us. 

In and around Newtown, Connecticut and everywhere beyond where yesterday's cascading shatteredness has ricocheted, we all seek the same things, yet especially in this hour: the same goodness, the same strength and blessed comfort of the same God... and for those of us who are able, may we know the grace to bring these any and everywhere they're needed today, tomorrow and over the days ahead. 

Even more than they were at yesterday's dawn, gang, these have become days of grief, anxiety, longing and a desperation for that Light which can only come from above. And yet, even now, It Will – but even more than just a day back, it's on us to do our part to make it happen.

Wherever we are, God help us in this task... and amadísima Virgen de Tepeyac – Mother of all America – fold those who need it most en el hueco de tu manto, that they might know the best of grace and care in this dark, brutal hour.

Today and always, may the story that defines who and what we are be the courage, consolation and hope of the world around us... and along those lines – much as it's an Advent tradition 'round these parts (and even if it ran here early some weeks back) – here, the full performance of Handel's Messiah, as given by the choir and orchestra of New York's Trinity Church: