Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On the Air, Tim Talks Fish

In a break from usual practice, the USCCB president didn't take questions on his yearly address at the presser immediately following its delivery, choosing instead to do a special edition of his weekly satellite-radio show, which recently went from being taped to airing live and taking call-ins. 

By the time Cardinal Timothy Dolan appeared at today's afternoon question time with the media (fullvid), the focus had turned elsewhere. But given the high interest in his Monday call for a return to mandatory year-round Friday abstinence – a matter that, in canon law, is decided by a territory's episcopal conference – here's an extended clip of the Prez explaining the rationale behind the new penitential push to his co-host, Paulist Fr Dave Dwyer, between bites of lunch on Sirius XM's The Catholic Channel.

Subscribers to the satellite provider can hear the whole show, along with prior editions, on-demand.

Following the cardinal's fish-pitch, it was notable that his first caller hailed from Tyler, Texas... and of course, you know where that led.

SVILUPPO: As some have asked for it, here below, fullvideo of Monday's Presidential Address....