Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

A year ago tonight, it's worth recalling that the Peanuts footage provided a rather memorable curtain-raiser for Something Big.... 

Gratefully, everybody got the hint. Well, the way this crowd can be, almost everybody.

Three days later – Thanksgiving Saturday – New York's other floating Charlie Brown was formally plucked from the staff desks of the CDF to become Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland. And now, at the close of a whirlwind year, just in time for this Turkey Day – and with his domestic Fighting Irish sitting atop the BCS, to boot – the product of Notre Dame, Oxford and the Himalayas greeted in máthair Éireann as the "Roman Missile" sat down for an interview with our friends at Salt + Light:

For those keeping around, more to come... in the meanwhile, as the scene's reigning Gothamite would likely put it, "Gobble, gobble, everybody" – to one and all, whether here at home and far afield, every blessing, joy and grace of this Thanksgiving Feast to you and yours.