Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, church, tomorrow and the weekend look to bring a full plate as the beat goes....

Good thing this scribe took today relatively easy.

Speaking of plates, though, we interrupt this pre-Roman Noon all-nighter for the needed occasional reminder that the only way these pages are able to plug along is, as ever, by means of your support.

To that end, if you've got an, er, Indy auxiliary or two for the guitar case and wouldn't mind lending a hand so the feed keeps coming your way, with all thanks in advance....

On a related note, admittedly, a donor-brief hasn't made the rounds since early on Election Morning, when the folks and friends who've pitched in of late got the exclusive heads-up of a movement toward an alternative candidate for the USCCB presidency, all of which ended up panning out (the enduring astonishment even of those who made it happen). All apologies (and then some) for the lack of one since -- was hoping to get a Christmas note out... then again, as the decorations stay up here til Candlemas, look for one sometime between now and when the tree gets unplugged... and, of course, as the news dictates.

All that said -- and with all thanks again -- back at it... see you at 6.