Friday, October 15, 2010

"Dawn" Breaks?

Lest anyone forgot, a healthy skepticism is the lifeblood of journalism. Along those lines, while your pages have been reserving judgment on the peaks and valleys of buzz over recent weeks, suffice it to say, it's finally beginning to look a lot like....

Well, just cue the bells:

Amid an outbreak of Biglietto Fever in the Italian press, late yesterday a reliable op sent word of Red Dawn -- a November consistory for the creation of some 20 cardinals (19 electors plus at least one "honorary" designee older than 80).

While rumblings over the next intake to the "Pope's Senate" have circulated since early May, the latest reports indicating a new scarlet crop have weighted the list's makeup heavily toward the Home Team, with Italian nominees from the Curia and residential sees said to comprise almost half of the open voting-age spots. Likewise, as foreseen in these pages' extensive first-look some weeks back, the consensus tips the next class' US contingent as Archbishops Raymond Burke, 62, the church's "chief justice" as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, and Donald Wuerl of Washington, 70 next month.

As things stand, the papal announcement is said to be on-deck for the close of Wednesday's General Audience. Under this timetable, the designates would receive official notice of their elevation within the prior 48 hours -- customarily, residential prelates get word from their local apostolic nuncio or delegate, with the Curial crowd informed by the Secretary of State.

That's where it's at for now -- and after the iffy chatter even into recent days, the nugget should be enough in itself.

For all the rest, as always, stay tuned... and speaking of Championship Red, Go Phils.