Thursday, April 08, 2010


Five years on this gig, gang, and as it goes, the last two weeks have been the most intense, hectic, packed and sleepless of 'em all....

Candidly, that was even the case before an e.mail early on Good Friday said "LA. Tuesday." Then, it was really off to the races.

Suffice it to say, it's been a joy to experience the Appointment of the Century with you -- one more piece on it, and the State of the Docket all told, is headed your way shortly... and then, a needed (and hopefully merited) breather to handle everything else that's piled up -- and, God willing, get my life back.

(Given the manic news-cycle, Easter had to be delayed a tad this year... thank God it's 50 Days. But, hey, such is the gig.)

To everyone who's popped in for the first time these last few days, buona pasqua, bienvenidos and thanks for stopping by; hope you're enjoying what you see. And all you vets 'round here, it never once left my mind these last four months that if these pages failed to deliver the Big One, you'd never, ever, ever let me live it down. (Ever.) Sure, keeping the antennae up throughout was a job in itself, but hopefully the stem-to-stern coverage made for as fun of a read as it was to scope out and relay the tick-tock of the most significant selection process ever covered here.

(For what it's worth, its climax made for a 22-hour sprint in the office... but, good God, what a blast. Two weeks left in the phone's bill-cycle, and all the month's minutes are already used up. As if it all wasn't memorable enough.)

And lastly, to those who've lent a hand these last few days to get and keep the shop out of debt, a public word of enormous thanks; another briefer's coming your way shortly. For the record, the "First Word" to you will remain in effect, and lest anyone else wants in on it for down the line, have at it and all thanks in advance -- gratefully and then some, the back-bills and taxes are a good way to being put to bed (whew)... and once they are, hopefully there'll be enough left over to cover a certain something Westward on May 26th. (So they're already saying, it'll be a taste of heaven... an extraordinary rite... of Congress. Can't wait.)

Time to honor the 11th Commandment, so more in a bit.... As ever, all thanks for keeping it here -- and, well, you know the rest.