Sunday, April 11, 2010

As previously noted, with the Appointment of the Century now in the books -- and on the heels of a Holy Week spent in the throes of The Crisis, at that -- your narrator's taking a much-needed (and hopefully merited) breather, at least for the next few.

Suffice it to say, after the most intense, prolific, sleep-deprived fortnight these pages have had over five years, the scribe's tapped out, both of words and energy alike. That'll change after a bit of recharge, of course, but for now, hope you can understand.

More once the bedroom's clean, the back-office pile gets handled, the briefings are taken and the many thank-yous, belatedly sent... in the meanwhile, though, your prayers, please, gang, and know how much you're always in mind and heart on this side of the shop.

Buona domenica and God love you lot forever... and especially as the Octave winds to a close, a Blessed Easter still to one and all....

Remember, it's still the Season -- no less than six weeks remain 'til Pentecost.