Friday, March 26, 2010

The "Grand Inquisitor" Speaks

Given this week's intensified news-focus on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, leave it to Fr Tom Rosica and his crew at Salt + Light to break a rare interview with the onetime Inquisition's current chief, Cardinal William Levada.

A native son of Los Angeles -- and, as previously noted, the prelate reportedly tapped to present the case for his home-see's succession to the Congregation for Bishops -- Levada isn't just the highest-ranking North American in the history of the Holy See, but one who holds the church's #3 post with a set of uniquely sensitive, even historic, tasks on his plate: overseeing the church's reconciliation talks with the Society of St Pius X, B16's outreach to disaffected Anglicans, and, indeed, the final judgment on clergy sex-abuse cases from around the world, a matter only entrusted to the former "Holy Office" in 2001.

All these hot-button competencies come up in Rosica's latest "Witness" session... and though it's not airing 'til Sunday night, thanks to our friends on Richmond Street, the first peek is yours: