Monday, December 14, 2009

River City, Purple Glory

After a five year drought, it was announced earlier tonight that the fountain of honor had finally returned home -- 18 monsignori made in Philadelphia: four prelates, 14 chaplains... and, yet again, one name especially conspicuous by its absence.

And so, this brings us to a very special moment -- a first in these pages' five year run.

The unofficial anthem for these awards has long been played here on their arrivals elsewhere... but never for the town where their now well-known nickname was born....

That is, until now.

Purpleness, take it away:

And, well, there's your emotional moment of the day.

Analytically speaking, as this year saw the Silver Jubilee of the above cultural watershed, it should come as no surprise that 2009 wouldn't end without a fresh batch 'round these parts.

The Conferral Vespers has been set for 5pm on 17 January, with the traditional "Oscar Night" afterparties to follow. Congrats to one and all, especially this scribe's fellow-travelers through the years... you know who you are.

As the Year of the Priest reaches its halfway point on Saturday, the local downpour is just one of several to have fallen over recent weeks -- others include Brooklyn, Knoxville, Harrisburg, Denver, Fort Wayne-South Bend, Portland, Lubbock and Oklahoma City's first since the days of the Council.

And lest anyone's thinking that's all, up early, gang.