Monday, April 27, 2009


Lest anyone who wanted to didn't get to see it the first time 'round -- because the livestreaming servers, er, prostrated themselves -- fullvideo of Bishop Jim Wall's Thursday ordination in Gallup is available on-demand courtesy of Boston's CatholicTV.

(Money quote from the 44 year-old prelate: "This year, when the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl, I thought that was the biggest surprise of my life.")

The coverage rounds out with an impressive photobook from Phoenix's Catholic Sun that links to a quickly-growing Facebook "fan club" for the nation's youngest diocesan head... alongside video of a rare ecclesial occurrence: Purple Rain in the Desert.

For your Monday morning, it's all a nice taste of the Southwest... you know, where the church is actually growing.

On a related note, with the "Land of Enchantment" now back to its full complement of three bishops, word from Santa Fe says that -- weeks after Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson got Roman praise for signing a state moratorium on capital punishment -- the state's bench is pursuing a possible "Levada solution" compromise on a domestic partnership measure expected to return before its legislature after failing earlier this year.

PHOTO: Andrew Junker/Catholic Sun