Saturday, February 14, 2009

Off the Grid

For those keeping score, as of yesterday afternoon the archbishop of Milwaukee had -- at least, officially speaking -- gone "on vacation" and would be unavailable for media inquiries.

Meanwhile, well-placed word from inside the (soon to be sold) Cousins Center said that, as of late in the day, Tim Dolan had "no travel plans" Eastward... as more reporters showed up on the doorstep.

Sure, three folks have already written in to say they don't care about any of this and it doesn't really matter to them. But by the looks of it (read: double the normal Friday readership), the world is watching. And waiting. And interested.

Remember, gang, in what're oft-said to be dire days, that's far from a bad thing. And to everyone keeping the watch here --veterans, first-timers and everything in between -- welcome, thanks for coming, make yourselves comfortable... and keep refreshing the page lest any sudden updates drop.

All that said, though, it's important to note that while these pages have been keeping a running tally of what's going around in the street, the house has given no confirmation to anything just yet.... For that, just be a bit more patient -- in a church that speaks of Truth, see, nailing down fact to a satisfactory degree of concrete should be worth the wait.

And, lastly, while the Gotham chancery is closed Monday in observance of President's Day, the holiday has no impact at the place where announcements are made.

For all the rest, as always, stay tuned.