Monday, February 16, 2009

6pm, and close to 3,000 people showed up in the last hour... welcome to one and all.

Two years of a roller coaster... streets filled with "plenty of buzzing"... lots of quickly-spreading rumors and unconfirmable reports... and, well, that's it -- no more.

At least, as of this writing.

The folks are 452 are probably getting quite the rise of seeing a World Capital's worth of media-types and church-folk in a frenzy and running around like headless chickens. And one day, we'll all look back on this, remember it fondly, and laugh...

...In the meantime, though, the lone widely-known truth is that everyone just wants the suspense to finally be over and The Day to finally be reality.

More as it happens. Stay tuned. Hold on. Just breathe.