Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Pre-Game Show

And so it begins....

Greetings from The Circus, gang. Story of the Moment: first It was on... then It was off... and now, so it seems, It's on.


Good gibbets.

Things may not officially rev up 'til early tomorrow -- at least, in terms of the Plenary itself; committees have been meeting all weekend -- but in the meantime the standard protest drum-beat's begun outside the hotel doors.

Demonstrations are part and parcel of the week. Nothing in enormous numbers, but enough that you know to expect 'em.

Beyond the lead brigade of survivor advocates -- usually joined by the anti-war crowd -- this year'll bring a new element: from the folks who brought us a bishop saying "Hussein," hard-core pro-lifers'll don Obama masks outside later today and tomorrow, holding signs saying "Thank you for your silence!"

Er... silence?

And, of course, as no November Meeting would be complete without a memorable opening salvo from SNAP, earlier in the day the lead victims' lobby kept to form... this time calling for the resignation of the conference president.

See, one thing you learn with time is that if every resignation and excommunication called for from whatever quarter over these days were actually carried out, there'd be nobody left.

That said, elected a year ago this week, Cardinal George will deliver his first Presidential Address tomorrow morning at 9. Followed -- provided longstanding tradition holds -- by the Nuncio.

Alright, time to move... but for now, a huge word of thanks to everyone who's kindness and support are making this week's coverage possible. I do have a special thank-you up my sleeve... just gotta smooth out the kinks first.

Buona domenica a tutti... all thanks again... and, please, please, keep the prayers comin'.