Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye, "Gibbet"

Following in the footsteps of "deign," "gaze," and "dew" -- among many others -- the latest word-choice to become the crux of the dispute over the re-translation of the Roman Missal has been struck from the proposed Gray Book that'll face the bishops for debate and vote tomorrow.

Now in its place: "ignominy."

Amended by the Bishops' Committee on Divine Worship over the weekend, the re-proffered Proper of Seasons -- the second major pillar of the new translations to face the bishops -- will be visited just after the newly-regazetted discussion on "Catholic teaching and political life."

The plenary's final public agenda-item late tomorrow afternoon will be a discussion of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development's relation to ACORN, the recently under-fire community organization. Due to the packed schedule -- which also includes reports on the recent Synod of Bishops and post-Hurricane Ike relief efforts in the Gulf Coast -- a later-than-usual end of session is expected.