Friday, September 26, 2008

When Worlds Collide

The Launch went off without a hitch yesterday in Oakland, and the hometown Tribune's got a slew of shots and more video.

So enjoy, have an epileptic fit, whatever... indeed, reaction's yielded a steady stream of both.

Meanwhile, in the city across the Bay named for the Poverello, tomorrow'll see the dedication of the "stone-for-stone" replica of the Portiuncula of Assisi at the National Shrine of St Francis. Three years in the making -- and, by papal favor, adorned with all the indulgences attached to the Original -- the local church-weekly marks the opening with a special edition.

And with St Francis Day close at hand, the rest of the world might just bless animals this time of year... but in The City -- no joke -- they bless the taxis, too.

PHOTO: Ray Chavez/The Oakland Tribune