Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Pelosi Push Continues

On yet another church-state note, last week's Speaker misspeak has inspired another USCCB statement -- this one an extensive rollout of the history of Catholic teaching on abortion, with cross-refs, prepared "in response to those who say this teaching has changed or is of recent origin."

By the time Friday rolled around, at least ten US bishops added to their conference's intervention on their own accord, among them the archbishops of New York, Washington and Denver, and the bishops of Pittsburgh, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Rockville Centre and Fargo. As previously noted, the response of Nancy Pelosi's hometown ordinary, Archbishop George Niederauer, is expected to appear in Friday's edition of the archdiocesan weekly, Catholic San Francisco.

SVILUPPO: From Chicago, the USCCB president Cardinal Francis George has likewise chimed in.