Monday, July 07, 2008

Francis and Herb

Both foreseen in recent days, the appointments of Auxiliary Bishop Fran Malooly of Baltimore as bishop of Wilmington and Msgr Herbert Bevard of the clergy of Philadelphia as bishop of St Thomas in the Virgin Islands have been published in this morning's dispatches from the Holy See.

With the nods now official, the number of US dioceses in line to receive a new head stands at 17; eight remain vacant, with nine more led by an ordinary serving past the retirement age of 75.

Fresh off another Blue Rocks win, the Wilmington presser has been called for 10am, with the installation reportedly set for 8 September...

...and, of course, even closer homeward, Go Phillies -- and Go Herbie.

SVILUPPO: "At the hands of" The Don, Bevard ordination/ installation scheduled for 3 September on St Thomas; statement.

SVILUPPO 2: A quick clip of this morning's "lovefest" presser from Wilmington's News-Journal... more of everything at Charm City's revered Catholic Review.

And appearing on his new island home -- where the landmark Bishop's House recently underwent some upgrading -- the bishop-elect of St Thomas has rejoiced over being "transferred to Paradise."

PHOTO: Diocese of Buffalo