Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Red Dawn Contingency Plan

Early to bed and early to... work. Or so it seems.

Should, as the Italian press is saying -- with the APcom wire chiming in late this evening that prior reports from other outlets "find confirmation" from its sources across the Tiber -- tomorrow morning indeed brings a consistory announcement, expect live coverage.

As the call to the college (the church's version of NCAA Selection Sunday) would come at the tail-end of the General Audience, things should start heating up around 5.30am East Coast time (1030GMT). For those planning to check in early, an advance tip: to keep the content fresh, keep hitting the "Reload" or "Refresh" button (whatever it is on your browser)... from there, sit back and enjoy the show.

Remember, too, that this special coverage is brought to you by the only thing that's keeping this work going: the Fund Drive... and to the folks who've already chipped in over the last week, you're unbelievable... and I'm cracking away at the thank-yous.

More on that once the news is handled. See you early.