Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Pauline Ordination Conspiracy?

So it was noted here yesterday that Bishop-elect Provost of Lake Charles was an ordination classmate of Archbishop Burke of St Louis. Both had their priestly beginnings on 29 June 1975, when they were among a group of deacons personally elevated by Pope Paul VI to mark the feast of Ss. Peter and Paul and the twelfth anniversary of his coronation (even though he renounced the tiara in 1965).

Thanks to a tip, it can be reported that the prelates are far from alone in sharing the day. No, it's not a conspiracy -- a group of 359 priests ordained together in Rome, by the Pope, to commemorate a Holy Year is bound to produce a bevy of bishops.

Thirty-two years on, it's done that and then some.

Provost is but the latest of his ordination class to be raised to the fullness of the priesthood. Alongside Burke, others from its number include Cardinal Josip Bozanic of Zagreb, Archbishops James Harvey, the prefect of the Papal Household; Michael Miller CSB, secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, and the currently-omnipresent Malcolm Ranjith, the secretary of CDW. Bishops Michael Cote of Norwich, Patrick Zurek, auxiliary of San Antonio, and a host of others from Latin America, Asia and Africa round out the list, which a quick check turns up.

Who said "reunion in April"?