Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"He Had a Reason to Get Back to Lake Charles"

I've been waiting almost two years to quote my favorite Lucinda Williams song again. Little could anyone have imagined it'd pan out so literally.

Then again, that's the Holy Spirit for you... or just a Williams fan in a high place -- take your pick.

Said personal goal (finally) put to bed, lest anyone forget so soon, there was another appointment in the morning drop -- one the people of southwest Louisiana, still in recovery following the damage from 2005's Hurricane Rita, have been downright chomping at the bit for.

After an interregnum that'll surpass the two-year mark next week, Bishop-elect Glen John Provost will be ordained and installed as the third bishop of Lake Charles on 23 April in the diocese's Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Ordained to the priesthood for the diocese of Lafayette by Pope Paul VI in 1975, also in the class was a cleric ordained for the diocese of LaCrosse, now Archbishop Raymond Burke of St Louis.

Thing is, the new bishop really is getting back to Lake Charles -- before the city's 1980 foundation as a diocesan seat in its own right, it was his first assignment. With the appointment, he said, "I sense that the circle is complete."

Local report:
The post will offer “unfamiliar challenges,” Provost said. “I realize it is the work of Christ, the High Priest, and place it all in his loving hands. God’s providence is mysterious and marvelous.”

Provost said after the 10 a.m. press conference Vatican officials notified him of the promotion three weeks ago. However, he was not allowed to say anything until the pope made the official announcement.
For what little we know of the bishop-elect, looks like he's already got the biretta part down.


So the long wait is over -- finally. Congrats, Lake Charles.

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