Friday, December 08, 2006

"Christmas Time is Here..."

As Rome's Christmas countdown begins, yet another fortnightly column's up, this time with something of a meditation on the blessed season at hand... or, at least, what little I could muster.
On a related note, the BustedHalo Show -- not the one on Sirius 159, but the traveling version -- hit the road last night, as BH Editor-in-Chief/Rockstar Bill McGarvey appeared at an Irish Pub in Wilmington for a session of the Delaware diocese's Theology on Tap.

In quite the liturgically-savvy move, Wilmington's ToTs take place during the penitential seasons. And as any place where Whispers readers and Damien Rice fans can gather together is a precious sign of God's goodness, thanks to the gang there for a great time, especially the fellow Philly exiles, who give me hope.

Back to the card-scribbling.