Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cardinalatial Conditions

Cardinal George undergoes another procedure -- Chicago archbishop "and all those who care for him are frustrated at this setback"
The Cardinal underwent an upper endoscopy and a flexible sigmoidoscopy at 10 a.m. [yesterday] morning because he passed some blood in his stool earlier today and had a moderate drop in his hematocrit. There was no evidence of a bleeding source in the stomach, duodenum or proximal jejunum (upper GI tract). The sigmoidoscopy revealed no site of bleeding in the left side of the large bowel....

Both the Cardinal and all those who care for him are frustrated at this setback. This type of bleeding is a known but infrequent complication. This will push back the plan for discharging the Cardinal, but should not have any effect on his full resumption of duties in the future. Continued prayers are asked for a rapid resolution of this problem.
And the archbishop of New York -- a Chicago native -- is up for a September knee-replacement:
Egan injured the knee in 1999 at his home in Bridgeport, Conn., where he was bishop prior to his June 2000 appointment as archbishop. He had arthroscopic surgery on the same knee in 2000.

"Cardinal Egan is in excellent physical health, and looks forward to a rapid recovery and resumption of his schedule following the surgery," spokesman Joseph Zwilling said.