Monday, August 28, 2006

The Archbishop Whispers... Himself

Back in June, over late-night drinks with a visiting bishop, the topic of our many vacant sees came up... and then we got to Detroit.

"Oh, it's John Myers," he opined, going on to say, "at least, that's what he's telling everybody."

Further research yielded the confirmation that, indeed, the 65 year-old archbishop of Newark tops the buzzmill in the race to succeed Cardinal Adam Maida as head of the church in Detroit and its 1.5 million Catholics.

It was reported here a fortnight ago and today hits the pages of Tony Soprano's favorite paper, The Star-Ledger:
[T]he rumors about Myers moving to Detroit are being discussed among priests, mentioned on the Internet and heard even among some lay people.

One member of the clergy in New Jersey who asked not to be identified said that in late spring, he was present when Myers told a group of clergymen that rumors of his being selected for Detroit were strong....

James Goodness, a spokesman for Myers, acknowledged the archbishop has discussed the rumors with people.

"The only thing the archbishop has talked about is that there have been some rumors," Goodness said. "That (Detroit) is where the rumors are, but they're just rumors."
...OK, OK -- but wasn't Washington was where the rumors were before?