Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Out of Africa, Continued

Remember our friend Fr Godfrey Siundu, the Kenyan priest who got married to the mother of his two kids?

Well, it gets better -- he's started his own breakaway group and says he's taken 26 priests with him.

Of course, this is an excommunicable offense. However, someone begs to differ....
Siundu claimed 26 priests from the mainstream Catholic Church had crossed over to his Reformed Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church (RRC&AC).

"The bishops should know that I have no war with them but they have no power to nullify my authority to exercise priesthood," Fr Siundu said in an interview with The Standard and KTN in Eldoret on Tuesday....

Shortly after the wedding, Catholic bishops led by the chairman of the Kenya Episcopal Conference, John Njue, excommunicated him from the church for breaking the priestly vow of celibacy.

Siundu said although the bishops had the power to ordain priests, they had no authority to withdraw their ability to preside over church functions such as weddings, baptisms and burials. He said some Catholics were on a campaign to soil his name.

Who'da thunk it? Africa is the new Econe.